We, at Rondout Valley Locally Grown, offer a new approach to shopping by providing healthy fresh local produce, artisan edibles and crafts to our neighbors in the Hudson Valley through an online market posted by the very same people in our neighborhoods . Our goal is to create a reliable and efficient medium for growers and artisans to sell their bounty with as little hassle as possible.

Benefits of an online market include:

  • Enjoy convenient ordering from the comfort of your home computer by visiting The Market page.
  • Know what you’re buying with information about the growers, their farming practices and their products on Our Growers page.
  • Pick up your freshly harvested produce at centrally located Marbletown Town Park on Tongore Road, Thursday between 4PM and 6PM. If other arrangements are necessary, they can be made ahead of time with Jason at 845-750-7798.

As a RVLG seller, you can post whatever products you have to sell, without worrying about anything not selling or going to waste. If nobody orders your napa cabbages, keep them in the ground this week. You only harvest exactly what has been ordered.

As a RVLG shopper, you get to see all of what local growers and artisans have to offer, rather than just what is left at the farmer’s market table at whatever time you happen to show up.

With Rondout Valley Locally Grown, the customers buy from the grower at prices set by the grower, just like a ‘booths and tables’ market. What makes RVLG unique is the way we’ve set up the ordering system. You custom order your purchases ahead of time so that the grower can expect exactly what she will sell on the day of the market, and so that you can walk away knowing that your product has been freshly harvested that day especially for you, at an amount fitting to your preferences and recipes.

Once you have an account you will be emailed each Monday morning with a list and photos of what is available that week. You will be free to place your orders anytime between 8 AM Monday morning to 8 PM Wednesday evening.

By Sunday evening growers post what they have available here on this website and members have from Sunday until Wednesday at 8 PM to place orders. Growers pack up your custom orders by Thursday morning. Growers deliver to Marbletown Town Park on Tongore Road and members come and pick up their orders. As easy as 1,2,3.

Join today!

To join, create an account by going to the Your Account page of this website or contact us with any questions at roundoutvalleylocallygrown@gmail.com.

RVLG makes it possible for even the smallest backyard gardener or craftsperson to join established farmers and artisans in providing our region with direct connection to our food and community. By reducing our need for distant middle men to provide not only our food to eat but also customers to purchase our goods, we strengthen our local economy and foster dignity in our ability to provide for ourselves. Rondout Valley Locally Grown acts then as a market facilitator, and not as an owner of the products.

Look forward to sharing some delicious local eats with you!